Other Links

Christian Post — News about or of interest to Christians.  Read with discernment, they’ll call a lot of things “Christian” that really aren’t.

News for Christians — I’m growing to really like this site.  A daily listing of maybe 15-20 news stories which may be of particular interest to Christians, though some give more focus to American politics than would be profitable for UK Christians.  In addition, on most days Robert Cobb gives a few links for “Bible Studies, Articles & Essays”, with interesting and challenging articles.  Finally, we are given a nice collection of lesser-known sermons by some of the finest preachers of the past.

Scottish Christian News — “Christian” in a very broad sense.  Just about any news related to religion in Scotland can make this site.  This is a news monitor, providing excerpts and links to various media outlets when they print articles of religious interest.

Christian Institute — conservative evangelical organisation active in working to protect Christian liberty.  They inform Christians of political matters of concern and are involved in lobbying on behalf of religious liberty.  They sometimes have “strange bedfellows” but I appreciate their work.

Christian Institute Scotland — Christian Institute’s Scotland news page, keeping Scottish believers up to date with items of interest or concern.

Frontline Missions — This really solid mission is particularly focused on ministering in restricted-access countries, in mission fields where there is the least light, often because of persecution and where missionaries have limited access to give the Gospel.

Release International — Evangelical ministry serving the persecuted church.  This ministry was started by Richard Wurmbrand.