A link is not an endorsement. Some of these sites/blogs I could endorse today, while others I could not. I do not have the time, nor is it really my responsibility, to keep track of them and make sure they remain really sound. My purpose is not to give an “anointed”listing of good sites on the Internet.

If I link to a site, it means that I see value in the site.  That’s it.  The value may be quite mixed.  As always, read with discernment. I don’t want anyone to accept anything I say without considering whether it is really true and Biblical, so I would hope the same caution would be applied to linked sites. If you have questions about a link, feel free to ask.

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Blogs — According to my WordPress statistics, no one really uses my blog links, so I’ve zapped them.  That saves me having to keep an eye on the blogs to see if things have changed or not.  If you want to know some good blogs, feel free to contact me using my contact page and I’ll make some recommendations.


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