Article Series

Bible in the British Museum — a series of articles on artefacts in the British Museum which are relevant to Biblical history / studies.

Capital Punishment and the Bible — a series on Scriptural teaching related to the death penalty.

Christmas and Christians — some Christians say we should celebrate Christmas, some say we shouldn’t.  A Biblical evaluation of some of the arguments.

Crucifixion Tuesday — a series of posts on the events of the Tuesday before our Lord’s crucifixion.

Genealogies of Christ — articles on some of the interesting connections (and questions) surrounding the Biblically-recorded genealogies of our Lord.

Homosexuality and the Bible — what does the Bible really say?  Includes some articles which aren’t about homosexuality at all, but about God’s plan for marital intimacy.

Jesus is Jehovah in the New World “Translation” — Even their own mangled “translation” shows that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong about Jesus.

Motivated by the Promise of His Coming — a guest series by Pastor Scott Markle, with a pastoral approach to New Testament prophecy.

Rightly Using “Be Ready Always” — a series on one of the most frequently misused / misapplied verses in Scripture, I Peter 3:15.

“The Oldest and Best Manuscripts”? — a series on some of the problems I see with the current approach to New Testament Textual Criticism, and the common misuse of the wording, “The oldest and best manuscripts say….”

Posts on Proverbs — a series of posts on Biblical proverbs generally or on individual Proverbs as a “Proverb for Today.”

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