Article Series

Bible in the British Museum — a series of articles on artefacts in the British Museum which are relevant to Biblical history / studies.

Capital Punishment and the Bible — a series on Scriptural teaching related to the death penalty.

Christmas and Christians — some Christians say we should celebrate Christmas, some say we shouldn’t.  A Biblical evaluation of some of the arguments.

Crucifixion Tuesday — a series of posts on the events of the Tuesday before our Lord’s crucifixion.

Genealogies of Christ — articles on some of the interesting connections (and questions) surrounding the Biblically-recorded genealogies of our Lord.

Homosexuality and the Bible — what does the Bible really say?  Includes some articles which aren’t about homosexuality at all, but about God’s plan for marital intimacy.

Isaiah’s Amazing Cyrus Prophecy — a series of posts on some of the details of the prophecies in Isaiah related to Cyrus the Great, the Persian emperor who would be used by God to return the Jews from captivity, and his part in the rebuilding of the temple.

Jesus is Jehovah in the New World “Translation” — Even their own mangled “translation” shows that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong about Jesus.

Motivated by the Promise of His Coming — a guest series by Pastor Scott Markle, with a pastoral approach to New Testament prophecy.

Rightly Using “Be Ready Always” — a series on one of the most frequently misused / misapplied verses in Scripture, I Peter 3:15.

“The Oldest and Best Manuscripts”? — a series on some of the problems I see with the current approach to New Testament Textual Criticism, and the common misuse of the wording, “The oldest and best manuscripts say….”

Posts on Proverbs — a series of posts on Biblical proverbs generally or on individual Proverbs as a “Proverb for Today.”

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