Praise the Lord, Sing Hallelujah!

I’ll be busy today, so I’ll let someone else do all the hard work.  Pastor Don Johnson has a really good post up on Psalm 148.  It’s well worth it.

Yesterday, it left me singing (all day) to myself William Kirkpatrick’s version of Psalm 148, “Praise the Lord, Sing Hallelujah” (#5 in our hymnbook).  If you don’t know it, the words are below.  I found this video with the music, so you can play it while you sing along.   

Praise the Lord, sing hallelujah,
From the heavens praise His name;
Praise the Lord, our great Creator;
All His angels, praise proclaim.
All His hosts, together praise Him,
Sun and moon and stars on high;
Praise the Lord, O heav’n of heavens,
And the clouds that roam the sky.


Praise the Lord, sing hallelujah,
For His name alone is high,
And His glory is exalted,
Far above the earth and sky.

Let them praise the Lord their Maker,
They were made at his command;
God established them forever;
His decree shall ever stand.
Let the earth sing Hallelujah:
Raging seas and creatures all,
Fire and hail and snow and tempests,
Stormy winds that hear His call.

All the fruitful trees and cedars,
Ev’ry hill and mountain high,
Creeping things and beasts and cattle,
Birds that in the heavens fly,
Kings of earth, and all the people,
Princes great, earth’s judges all;
Praise His name, young men and maidens,
Aged men, and children small.

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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