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I’ve added a category cloud to the sidebar.  If you want to see all my posts on “A Proverb for Today”, for instance, just click on that in the sidebar.  The number of posts in each category determines the size of the text.

All of my sermon summaries on Romans 12 are in the “Rightly Dividing” category, but that category will (Lord willing) include other posts over time.  Because the sermons are in a series that will be more helpful to read in order, I’ve added links to the bottom of each one pointing to the first in the series, the prior post, and the next in the series.  This should help anyone who wants to move through the series in order.

Addendum:  Very strange.  WordPress uses the word “category” all over the place, but the WordPress proofreader doesn’t like the word — it thinks it is a “complex expression”.  Shrug. 😉

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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