Web Wanderings This Week

A few links I noticed this week.

Does anyone anywhere actually think this kind of rubbish is what Almighty God had in mind when He sent His Holy Son to earth in humble surroundings?  So a Damien Hirst replica skull is supposed to remind us of the gifts of the wise men?  Our consumer culture, with all its trends and fashions, is extremely destructive, and contrary to the command to “Love not the world….” (I John 2:15-17).  We should not try to appeal to these values as a way to present Christ.  David Hosaflook probably wasn’t responding to this, but his hilarious post might as well have been :).

The Church of Scotland is opposed to the lottery and gambling.  Really.  “We’re opposed, but give us the money.”  And they wonder why people don’t listen to them very much anymore….

Some clear thinking from an Anglican minister on what the Bible says about the death penalty.  I would have many differences (some of them important) with anyone who stays in the Church of England, but I appreciate anyone who preaches the Gospel and holds to the authority of Scripture.  I have no confidence, if the UK government did reinstate the death penalty, that it would be used in a manner consistent with Biblical teaching, but the principle of the death penalty is clearly taught in Scripture.

Lie Like a Christian?  Doug Wilson (insert disclaimer here) thinks so.  Perhaps I’ll write on this at some point — when, if ever, should Christians lie?  Where exactly does the Bible tell us this is good and right?

Pastor Dan Miller has an entertaining but good challenge to watch the way we use our mobile phones.

Tim Challies says you married the wrong person.

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