Just Some Links Today

A Year Ago — I stumbled on this, and know nothing of the author, but this is thought-provoking.  A reminder that this life is only temporary.

Don Johnson linked to Michael Riley’s excellent article (which I had missed) on cultural skepticism.  If you immediately think the suggestion that we shouldn’t drive cars is insane, you need to read this (and no, I’m not anti-car, we own two of them).  The point is not cars, but the final paragraph.  I would suggest his last sentence overstates the point (maybe I’ll have time to elaborate further at some point), but his primary point is excellent, and I hope you’ll read it and think about it.

Glad I Didn’t Walk Away — going out of your way a bit, saving a life.  Not emphasised in the article — there was a risk the thugs could come back.  There is a risk that they will try to hunt him down when they get out of prison.  Blair Tinline is a hero.

Kirk Losing Ministers — more ministers have left the Church of Scotland because of their position on gay ministers.

Greece is Slipping into the Abyss — to run up massive debts is to steal from our children — or from Gran.  Eventually, it hits home, and when it hits home, the whole society pays.  You can’t say, “We’re spending to protect the most vulnerable in society.”  The most vulnerable are the ones who will really, really suffer when the house of cards collapses.  The UK is still running up billions in debt.  Sometime, it will come home to roost.

OWS and Anglican Confusion — Julian Mann (an Anglican minister) on the fiasco at St. Paul’s in London, and what it says about liberal Anglicanism.  For what it’s worth, I heard one preacher say that OWS is “Selfish People Protesting the Success of Other Selfish People”. 🙂

Mez McConnell provides a good laugh.  I hope that sign was the pastor’s idea, rather than the deacons’.

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5 Responses to Just Some Links Today

  1. tara says:

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love that now I know about your blog. 🙂

  2. blair says:

    Thanks for the lovely comment I am not a hero though just a guy trying to do the right thing.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Hello, Blair. That’s what a hero is — someone who, even if it might cost him something, does the right thing. Thank you for what you did, and all the best to you.

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