Wisdom from Caroline Ingalls

This earthly life is a battle.  If it isn’t one thing to contend with, it’s another. It always has been so, and it always will be. The sooner you make up your mind to that, the better off you are, and the more thankful for your pleasures.

-Little Town on the Prairie

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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2 Responses to Wisdom from Caroline Ingalls

  1. Patrick Heeney says:

    A line from a song I learned shortly after I was saved..: “Run if you want to, run if you will, but I came here to stay, If I get knocked down, I’m gonna get back up cuz I didn’t start out to play! It’s a battlefield brother not a recreation room, it’s a fight, and not a game. So run if you want to, run if you will, but I came here to stay!”

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