“Perspective … Pray for this Family”

A co-worker has a precious little one who is very ill with RSV in hospital.  He is updating prayer requests on his blog and wrote this yesterday (emphasis added):

As I am sitting here with Brynna feeling sorry for her and us sometimes as I hear over the loud speaker the following: “Pediatric Code Blue at the helipad” .. it repeats three times. We have only experienced this once .. the day Brynna was born she coded in the delivery room. My heart flipped upside down when I heard the Neonatologist say, “start chest compressions”. Somewhere there is a parent whose heart is flipping upside down right now.

Shortly after the announcement, I hear the door to our hall fling open and a herd of people rolling a stretcher come flashing by, a very small child on it in dire distress the doctor is bagging the child; respiratory failure for certain, who know what else. On Sunday I was so fearful that this would also be our outcome. I am thankful that it wasn’t. This puts all things in perspective. Whatever your struggle today, whatever annoyance you have had, whatever sleep I may not have gotten, whatever thing you aren’t doing that you would really like to do, can’t compare to the day the mother of this child is having.

I hope you’ll pray for Matt’s family and little Brynna as well as the family he mentioned.

I am so thankful our Saviour conquered sin and death.  One day there will be no more sorrow.

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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5 Responses to “Perspective … Pray for this Family”

  1. Beautiful.
    And so needed out here.
    Thanks for posting this and forcing my to see how blessed I am.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Thank you, Katharine. We’re all blessed if we could only see it. It’s too bad that it so often requires others to suffer for us to remember. That is one more thing that will be sorted out in us one day.

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