This is sunset on the Sea of Galilee.  A few more pictures below the jump….

The site is

Here’s a picture of the Sea from Hippos:

Mt. Tabor at sunset:

Aerial view of Mt. Tabor:

Click through on any of the pictures to see the entire page from which they came.

I just chose two locations out of many — and they have many more pictures of those locations, too.  Their web site gives Scripture references that mention the location, as well as historical references (Josephus, etc.), and additional links to reference a particular location.  Definitely worth a look if you are studying a particular place in your study of the Bible, or just wanting to get a little more feel of the Holy Land.

The Jesus’ Footsteps page is interesting, records many of the events of Jesus’ ministry, with links to their pages for the different locations involved.

I am not at all in agreement with the Old Testament dating (especially re: the Exodus and Abraham), nor with the prehistoric dates on their timeline.  So read with discernment, but this appears to me to be a very valuable resource.


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