Gay Marriage in Denmark

It is now mandatory for all churches to conduct homosexual weddings in Denmark.

As I said a few weeks ago, the current push for gay marriage is not about ‘rights’ but about acceptance.  Many homosexuals are desperate for acceptance.  That is an internal need because of their own (perhaps subliminal) awareness of the unacceptability of their actions before a holy God.  But they are trying to satisfy that internal need through external means.  And as I said in that earlier article, there will always be a push for more concessions, more restrictions on the rights of those who disagree with them.

‘Gay marriage’ is not the final political battle on this issue in Britain.  We will move on to forcing churches to conduct homosexual weddings.  We will move on to making it illegal to say homosexual behaviour is sin.  We will move on to other restrictions on the freedom of Christians (and those of other beliefs).  We will be told that the Bible contains hate speech, and we will move on to attempts to censor it.  When you are trying to solve your internal need for acceptance by imposing laws on society, you can only take freedom so far, and then it goes to restrictions on those who disagree with you.

Denmark shows one of the reasons why Christians oppose homosexual marriage.  It may not be the only reason, or even the main one.  But we know it is only a matter of time until that which is permitted becomes that which is required for us to endorse, as the churches in Denmark are finding. 

The government will tell us that no one is talking about making gay marriage mandatory for churches.  But they said that civil partnerships was not a move towards gay marriage, too, and less than ten years later, here we are. 

Twenty years ago, no one would have believed that a homosexual couple could win a legal case against a B&B owner because they won’t allow unmarried guests to have a double room.  If they will take away the right of B&B owners to conscientously object, they will certainly do so to churches when they have the political power to do so.  They have that power in Denmark.

Update/Correction:  This only applies to the state church.

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5 Responses to Gay Marriage in Denmark

  1. bhj says:

    It is NOT mandatory for all churches to conduct homosexual weddings in Denmark, only for the Church of Denmark, which is a State Church, and whose priests are government employees. And a majority of the pastors of the Church of Denmark supports same-sex marriage.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      I very much hope this is true. However, the article I’ve linked to clearly says all churches, and the Telegraph has not, to date, issued a correction. If you can provide a link to this information, I would appreciate it. Unfortunately, I do not speak or read Danish, so if the only link you can provide is in Danish I’ll need to get some help with translation.

      This is obviously relevant to us outside of Denmark due to the political controversy here in the U.K.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Thank you for alerting me to this. I did some research and you are correct that it only applies to the state church. I have posted another post on the topic clarifying this and made a note in this post as well. The Telegraph did not handle this well.

      Nevertheless, it is a significant step for a government to dictate to a church in this way, even if it is a state church, even if most pastors did support it. Those who do not have had their freedom of religion taken away by the government.

      I did not find any evidence that a majority of pastors supports same-sex marriage, however. Even if they did, it would not justify governmental dictating of religious practice.

  2. I guess Shakespeare was right, something is rotten in Denmark.

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