Recommending a New Blog

Actually, it’s a whole website.  Pastor Scott Markle is on the web with Shepherding the Flock Ministries.  From the “Burden” page:

I am deeply burdened that churches and Christians have forsaken the truth of God’s faithful Word and have replaced it with the thoughts of men’s faulty wisdom. The truth and wisdom of God’s Word is no longer considered, studied, proclaimed, honored, or obeyed. This is the way of spiritual destruction to the ruin of our lives.

The blog is up and running.  There is also the facility to buy his books, the first of which I have read and can recommend.

In general, I suspect I can recommend almost everything Pastor Markle writes — he is committed to the Word.  Even where you might differ from him on some interpretation, you will find him serious about the truth of the Word and careful in his study.  He guest-posted the Motivated by the Promise of His Coming series here last year, which I greatly appreciated because of his practical applicational approach to prophetic study.  He writes with a view towards edifying the saints by presenting the Word.


About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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2 Responses to Recommending a New Blog

  1. SPM says:

    Brother Gleason,

    I thank you for this public recommendation of my blog and of my book on marriage.

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