Protecting Marriage

This post/link is not for everyone.  If you aren’t married, never will be, will never talk to anyone about marriage or being a better spouse, have no friends, and never interact with anyone at all, then quit now, this isn’t for you.  Otherwise, read on.

The foundational destroyer of marriage is not relational incompatibility, emotional disinterest, or conflicts over money, communication, intimacy, child-rearing, family relationships, etc.
– Pastor Scott Markle

He’s right.  He proves it with Scripture.  If you want to be a better spouse (or have better relationships with people), just read his post and apply it.  Only 204 words (most of them Scripture), 204 words for a better marriage, better relationships.  It’s so easy to click through, so short to read.  You can do it, you know you can.  Go ahead. 🙂

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6 Responses to Protecting Marriage

  1. ukfred says:

    What relationship has not been improved by one or more people in it following the demands of God?

  2. Chris Ramsay says:

    God has often shown me my faults through a few simple world spoken by my wife. These are not just words spoke by Wilma, but teachings of the lord using her as the vessel.

    This has brought me closer to her and ultimately the Lord.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Chris, He gives us a wife as a help meet for us. “Meet” means “fitting” or appropriate.

      So our wives are fitting helpers for us, and that often includes helping us to see how we need to change.

      One of the ways we see our pride and selfishness most clearly is when we see its impact on our beloved.

  3. Ah, yes, my dear wife is truly a wonderful treasure from the Lord. So often, when I am engaging in a sinful, ungodly attitude concerning some circumstantial frustration, she delivers a single, simple question – “Dear, have you prayed about it yet?”

    Oh, that is just what I wanted to hear when I am immersing myself in a sinful, ungodly attitude. In fact, there are times (to my spiritual shame) that I desire to respond with selfish reponse – “Woman, go away and leave me alone; I don’t want to hear that right now.” Yet the indwelling Holy Spirit really uses my wife’s question time and time again to pierce my stubborn heart with conviction unto repentance.

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