Marriage Will be Fine

Dogs aren’t cats.  The distinction predates Britain.  If the Commons legislates that dogs are cats, feline and canine won’t change, it just makes Parliament ridiculous.

We need a law permitting people to say horse meat is beef.  Britain is so intolerant.  Stop stigmatising horse-meat eaters!  Parliament must act!  People should be free to love whoever eat whatever they want without stigmatising distinctions! 🙂

The Mother of all Parliaments may recognise the emperor’s new clothes, but if he’s naked….  Hurry!  Make it illegal to say, “The emperor has no clothes!”

But horses are still horses, cows are cows, pigs don’t fly, and the emperor has no clothes.  There are some things government can’t change, and it just looks stupid when it tries.

Marriage will be fine.  God made it.  We don’t have to “protect” it.  It was around before the UK, and will outlast it.  It has survived government stupidity before.

News flash!  Men will still notice women, and women men (this is not a hard concept :)).  People still want love and stability.  They will still want children, and will love them, and want to raise them in a home with both a father and mother.  God made people that way.  Marriage will be fine.

Marriage has a history and a future.  Parliament?  It has a history, anyway — it has made itself foolish and been mocked before, so perhaps it fits that many who don’t know the difference between marriage and homosexual relationships have found a home there.

Lord Mountararat

I don’t want to say a word against brains–I’ve a great respect for brains–I often wish I had some myself–but with a House of Peers composed exclusively of people of intellect, what’s to become of the House of Commons?

Indeed.  Marriage will be fine, but what will become of the House of Commons, and of a society that elects so many foolish people to represent and rule them?

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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7 Responses to Marriage Will be Fine

  1. Leslie A says:

    Have you listened to John MacArthur’s series on a Christian’s responsibility in a pagan society? It is excellent! Our job isn’t to change the government, but to allow God to use us to reach unsaved souls one at a time. Here’s the link to part 1, if you would be interested:

    • Leslie A says:

      Btw, this is exactly what I understood you to be saying…I forgot to mention that! 🙂

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Hi, Leslie. I haven’t listened to it, but I’d expect him to be very Biblical on this point.

      As long as Caesar gives us the right to influence Caesar, part of “rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” is to influence him to govern righteously, when we can. It’s also a way to love our neighbours. So it is perhaps overstating a little to say our job isn’t to change the government — if we can change it for the better, we probably should!

      But I’m sure MacArthur would agree with that. Thanks for the resource. I see there is text as well as a recording.

      I suppose my main point here is that when people go against what God has established, what God has established doesn’t lose, they do.

  2. Ian Gudger says:

    Thanks for your excellent remarks here. No need to be disturbed, huh? Marriage will endure and nothing can be put to it nor taken from it. Thanks.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Hi, Ian. Nothing to be disturbed about marriage, anyway. The “fight for marriage” idea is kind of a silly one. It really doesn’t need us to fight for it.

      Plenty of reason to be “disturbed” about a godless society, of course.

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