Some Questions from Around the Web

Random, scattered thoughts:

1. (No link) If Oscar Pistorius shot to death his live-in girlfriend, even if accidentally, is this really the time to be writing about how devout he is?  So maybe he prayed before races and has a Scripture tattoo, but what about that “flee fornication” thing?

2. Related, when will people learn that overstating your case usually just ends up damaging your own credibility?  Anyone who repeatedly fired a gun through a closed door without being certain there is a threat behaved immorally (and illegally in just about any legal system).  But when you try to prosecute with manufactured evidence, you even damage the chances of getting a conviction for the things you can prove, because no one has confidence that you are acting with integrity.

3. If Benny Hinn gets messages from God, why didn’t God tell him to heal the man his son was assaulting?  They didn’t know he was deaf and dumb?  Doesn’t this show even the most gullible that God isn’t talking to Benny after all?  When will Christians stop supporting this fraud?

4. When Glenrothes has the worst child poverty in the country, why is the discussion ALWAYS about benefits?  Applying benefits to this problem is like giving paracetamol to someone with cancer — it may make people feel a little better for a while, but it solves nothing and gets very expensive because it is going to take a LOT of paracetamol (or benefits) to ease the pain over time.  What about tackling policies that discourage companies from hiring, payroll taxes and a benefits system that make benefits more attractive than employment, and policies that effectively encourage addiction, teenage pregnancy, and other poverty-inducing behaviours?  You aren’t going to make progress here until we have more people working and fewer people making life-damaging decisions.

5. If Christians can’t decide what “evangelical” means, why expect the media to do better?

6. (I’ll skip the link) Why is anyone anywhere in the world giving Piers Morgan a hearing?  America sends trashy movies here and Britain sends Piers Morgan back….

7. Are we more concerned about horse meat than we are about slavery?

8. Do you have a Big God and an Open Bible?  If not, your theology is going to be wrong.

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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