What I Answered on Sunday

Yesterday, in What I was Told on Sunday I told of a remark on a danger of Facebook and other social media, given the Biblical warnings on gossip and idleness.  My friend and brother went on to say maybe he shouldn’t say anything, since “it isn’t my temptation.”

My answer:

Hebrews 3:13

But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.

We exhort one another to protect each other from sin’s deceit.  The person who isn’t tempted in a particular way sees through that deceitfulness more easily, and is better equipped to warn his brothers and sisters.  If “it isn’t my temptation,” it is all the more important to speak up, because those for whom it is a temptation may not see the danger.

But as he replied, that requires us to speak in meekness and charity rather than in pride.  It also requires us to hear in humility, willingly considering the warnings of others.  Warning one another:

  • If the speaker is proud, this probably isn’t going to work.
  • If the hearer is proud, this definitely isn’t going to work.

Since God tells us to do it, we know He expects it to work, so we’d better banish pride.

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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7 Responses to What I Answered on Sunday

  1. Ian Gudger says:

    Jon, If I lived in Scotland, I would definitely come visit you. You have a depth of spirituality that I haven’t seen in many ministers. You definitely take your pastoral role seriously. It’s clearly more to you than a paper you received from a seminary. It’s clearly more than humanly advising and leading people. You are indeed teaching the Scriptures. Thanks for being there across a convenient and across an ocean. I know there may be some perceived serious differences in our theology, but i can’t help but feel that we are somehow a part of the same brotherhood –seeking Christ, and him crucified. Thank you so much.

    • Ian Gudger says:

      Auto correct had its way with me… ‘convenient’ was supposed to be ‘continent.’

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Hello, Ian. There are many faithful teachers of the Word, servants of the Lord. All have gifts, and all have feet of clay. Some are blogging, many are not. But always, “it is God which worketh in you” (Phil. 2:13).

      Unfortunately, the differences are very substantial. But perhaps what you are hearing is not the voice of the Holy Spirit telling you there is no important difference, but rather His voice calling to you that the Scriptures are sufficient, and you don’t need to follow another book alongside it.

      P.S. The auto-correct is pretty funny. 🙂

      • Ian Gudger says:

        Hello again, It’s interesting you said “the Scriptures are sufficient…” Did you know the first tenet of Christian Science uses those exact words? “As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal life.

        Perhaps you’re right, but there are many pastors out there trying to help individuals understand the inspired word of the Bible and how its practical in their life. I don’t see how a pastor elucidating the Scriptures is any different than utilizing a book to help.

        Perhaps you’re also right that the differences are very deep. I am not sure. All I know is what you write often resonates with my heart.

      • Jon Gleason says:

        Ian, we mean far different things by sufficiency when the official statement says: “The pastor of this Church is two books: The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.” But if you want to discuss that further, we could do it off-line, rather than distract from this thread.

        “All I know is what you write often resonates with my heart.” That does not surprise me at all! It is a big factor in why I’ve not discouraged you from reading. If by God’s grace I give truth, much will resonate with every person made in God’s image. Who knows where He will take you with that?

  2. Amen..I believe that. Some days I will read a scripture and a message/lesson will begin to form in my mind. I will go to my facebook page and share it. Because I believe that God has put it in me to share and that someone will read it and say oh yeah I know that. But someone else will read it and it will change the way they look at things. I often wonder if people read my writings and think I’m acting all churchy and know-it-all…but I’m honestly just sharing the understanding of the word that God is giving me. Like you said, “We exhort one another to protect each other from sin’s deceit.” Thank you for sharing this.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      I’m glad it was helpful. The best we can do to avoid “acting all churchy” is stay humble and charitable. But we have to realise that if someone doesn’t want the truth, they’ll call us “churchy” or “self-righteous” or whatever no matter how well we might handle it.

      We should always listen to our critics, because we might learn something valuable, but we shouldn’t always believe them. 🙂

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