Some Links Today

Normal disclaimer: A link is not an endorsement of everything in these articles.  It means I found the article thought-provoking or challenging.  Today’s links are not news-related or controversial, but geared towards daily Christian life.  Onward….

Rejoicing in trials:
Dave Doran talks about James 1:2-4 after his son was hit by a semi-truck (articulated lorry) and thrown 115 feet by the impact.

Learning humility in trials:
This is the only advantage I’ve discovered from losing the ability to speak; I no longer say things that I regret! (Bill, coping with ALS, “What would you do if…?“).  This is really compelling, I’ve been meaning to link to it for a long time.

Trusting the Lord with changes in life: 
“So I sort through the years of things that have filled our home and I yield to the sharpness that comes from leaving the places that have been most pleasant and I trust that even though it hurts, God’s going to make it come out clean.” (Five in Tow)

Dangerous temptations:
JD Blom doesn’t like gophers, but he uses them to illustrate Satan’s traps.  Standard advice to preachers:  be careful about being the hero of your own illustrations.  JD makes himself the villain, the Satan figure! 🙂

How to starve yourself spiritually:
Reading sappy emotionalism makes me want to wash my eyes to get rid of the sticky sweet stuff.  Blech.   I’ll forgive Kenny for his sappy stuff, since he also has things like this.  🙂 Read Matthew 22:1-14 first, then read Rags at the Banquet.

How to starve yourself spiritually (part two):
Leslie Allenbach, “It’s time many of us stop idolizing our gadgets and start making our relationships with God and people our top priority.”

Finally, your lifeline responsibility:
Mike Tardive at Proclaim & Defend draws a challenge for us from two tragedies in Ireland:  “What Do You Want Me to Do About It?

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