Printing Note

A quick note on printing.  I didn’t add the WordPress “print” option, because it prints articles AND comments — you print an article, and get pages of comments you didn’t want to print.  (Of course, sometimes the comments are better than the article.)  Yesterday I learned I can add a button to use  At the bottom of each article, there is now a Print & PDF button, which you can use to print or create a PDF.

If you don’t want to print a picture, just click on it to delete.  It is also easy to cut text — click on a paragraph, zap it away.  So if you want to print an article as written, be careful!  My paragraphs may be of uneven quality, but most are intentional. 🙂


About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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4 Responses to Printing Note

  1. I guess as computer-dumb as I am, I never worried about it. If I want to print an article I just cut and paste and it works great!

  2. Don Johnson says:

    BTW, I use Evernote to save articles for future reference (“Illustrations looking for a sermon!”)

    I’ve even grabbed some of your stuff – you know, outline stealing!

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

    • Jon Gleason says:

      My congregation has to put up with my stuff, but they love me, so we get by. But why should your congregation have to put up with my stuff? 🙂

      I don’t even know what Evernote is. I’m sure I shall now be educated by someone who reads this.

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