The Genealogies of Christ – Summary

The Genealogies of Christ

This is a summary (for the sidebar menu) of a series of posts on the genealogies of Christ in Matthew and Luke, and some related aspects of the Biblical record, particularly around the time of the Babylonian exile.

The Genealogies of Christ — Two Genealogies — A discussion of the two different genealogies in Matthew and Luke, why we are given both of them, and some of their interesting features.

Zerubbabel and the Genealogies of Christ — This post looks at the intersection (at Salathiel and Zerubbabel) of the two genealogies, and notes the importance of Zerubbabel in Christ’s lineage.

Rations for Jehoiachin — This article discusses several clay tablets found in Babylon which name Jehoiachin / Jeconiah, a key figure in the lineage of Christ.  Not only do these tablets provide external evidence consistent with the Biblical record, they also give interesting information about Jeconiah’s sons — of particular interest since he appears in the genealogy of Christ found in Matthew.

Jeconiah’s Age and the Genealogies of Christ — In this article, we brought together the Biblical evidence with the archaeological clues we have, and found they point in the same direction.  Jeconiah’s sons (and almost certainly his grandsons) in the line of Christ were his own biological children — which brings us to “Jeconiah’s Curse.”

The Genealogies of Christ and “Jeconiah’s Curse” — An article looking at God’s declaration of judgment in Jeremiah 22 and its possible relevance to the genealogy of Christ, and examining whether this is really a curse on Jeconiah, or if it would be better known as “Zedekiah’s Curse.”  This article closes with some concluding thoughts on the genealogies.

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