Homosexual “Marriage” in Scotland

Last week in Edinburgh, the Holyrood Parliament approved legislation giving same-sex couples living in immorality the legal right to call their relationships “marriage.”  These aren’t marriages, and legislation can’t make them so, anymore than legislation could hold back the tides, reverse aging, or give us snow in July.  We just get another reminder that “the emperor has no clothes” and that there is abundant follyhood in Holyrood.

This will matter for Christians, in many ways.  Christian-owned businesses will come under even more pressure.  If the government and its legal definition of marriage is so perverse, should ministers officiate at their legislative “marriages”?  Should I take the title “celebrant” and administer such perverse legislation, even when applied to legitimate couples?  Has Scottish marriage law moved beyond the bounds of what churches and ministers should endorse, when it now opposes the Higher Law we serve?

Perhaps I’ll write more on that later.  For today, I’ll just introduce Grain of Sand, a blog I’ve not linked to previously.  Campbell is always thought-provoking and usually correct on British society and Christianity.  Relentless Pressure describes the continuing onslaught of the homosexual validation agenda against churches and individuals:

This will happen because the homosexual lobby is relentless. Their view of freedom is that they should be free to say and do what they like and we should be free to agree with them. Dissent from the prevailing homosexual orthodoxy is not a permitted option.

Campbell quotes poignantly from a Christian concerned over his career, not looking to speak out against homosexual sin but merely recognising the agenda — anything less than endorsement is not enough:

I must confess, I find myself increasingly living in fear of being asked direct questions which, answered honestly, could lead to me being black-listed at best and hated a worst.

I strongly encourage you to read Campbell’s entire article, if you wish to understand what Christians and churches are facing in the coming days.  You see fear in that quote, a real phobia, the phobia that is spreading rapidly — a fear, not of homosexuality or of homosexuals themselves, but of the intolerance and tyranny of the agenda, the fear that makes people afraid to even admit what they believe.

It isn’t false fear, either.  Everyone in this country now knows that if you admit you believe homosexual behaviour is wrong, if you even accidentally say something that strays from the approved liturgy of the agenda’s high priests, you have big problems.  You will be hated, written about, spoken against.  You will be a target, and you may pay a high price, not just in what people say but in what they do.  Campbell’s correspondent would not be the first person to lose a career.

Campbell has some quotes from the debate in Parliament showing the nastiness towards Christians among the political class.  They are not merely permitting what I call the homosexual validation agenda; they fully embraced it and made it their own.  Those with political power will use it to increase that “Relentless Pressure.”  Christians are learning — the Lord Jesus really meant it when He said the world hated Him and will hate us.

It all reminded me of something I posted almost a year and a half ago.  I’ll repost it here in its entirety.  The only change?  I’ve highlighted in red where we are now in the progression, and in green what comes next, which fits right in with Campbell’s article.

Progression of Sin’s Acceptance

That which was
illegal because of its immoral nature
becomes something which is legal but morally condemned.

That which was
morally condemned
becomes something which is acceptable, albeit less than ideal.

That which was
less than ideal
becomes something which is equal in value, if still a little morally questionable.

That which was
questionable morally
becomes something which is accepted as morally good.

That which was accepted as
morally good
becomes something which it is immoral to oppose.

That which was
immoral to oppose
becomes something which it is immoral to fail to endorse.

That which was
immoral to fail to endorse
becomes something government must endorse.

That which was
what government must endorse
becomes something which the state church will be compelled to endorse.

That which was
what the state church much endorse
becomes something which all must endorse.

That which was
what all must endorse
becomes something which it is illegal to fail to endorse.

And so that which was illegal, because of its immoral nature,
has become something which it is illegal to fail to endorse.


For evil will eventually be unsatisfied to merely coexist with good.

What is true of a society is true in the human heart.
If we let evil become acceptable to us,
it will want to rule us.

Evil accepts coexistence with good only for as long as it takes it to gain dominion.

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Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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5 Responses to Homosexual “Marriage” in Scotland

  1. Outstanding! I really like the progression example.

    All you have to do is see how Christians are being treated here in the USA when they decline to give sanction to same-sex fake marriage.

  2. linda jones says:

    Excellent article! I pray that the eyes of many who will read will be opened and understand that this is will of God (marriage between a man and a woman) and we should never distort it. God bless you for publishing! Loved the progression poem, it says it all so well.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Thank you, Linda. This is something on which Christians so need to think clearly.

      Here’s something odd (and rather off-topic), you appear to be posting in WordPress with one of my articles on Rick Warren linked to your name, so that when people click on your name, it goes through to that article. I don’t know if that is intentional or not, but I thought I’d mention it. If you want it to be that way, that’s fine, if you don’t, and don’t know how to fix it, please use my contact page to write me and I’ll try to help you get it changed.

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