Richard Dawkins’ Monstrous Ideas

Richard Dawkins, on aborting a Down’s Syndrome baby — “it would be immoral to bring it into the world.”  (I’ll not give him a link.)  Then, he played the victim — “Apparently I’m a horrid monster for recommending WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS to the great majority of Down Syndrome fetuses. They are aborted.”

Oh, he is right that his words reflect the depravity of our society.  But nothing will change the fact that he’s come right out and said it would be immoral not to abort a Down’s Syndrome baby.

How repulsive do a person’s statements have to become before people stop giving him a forum to spread his perverse rantings?  We talk about protecting vulnerable people, emphasise the Special Olympics, etc, but we treat the source of such monstrous statements as a celebrity, instead of a pariah.  Dawkins will, no doubt, appear on television sets soon and be treated as if his ideas deserve serious consideration — but his ideas are abominable.

Hopefully this ends the folly of Christians debating this man.  No Christian should take part in giving him a public forum.  He does not need a hearing.  His arguments need no answer other than to point people to where his philosophy leads.  If anyone can’t see that his views are morally bankrupt, no argument you make is likely to help them.

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13 Responses to Richard Dawkins’ Monstrous Ideas

  1. It is so sad that a man with his brilliant mind could use it only for evil.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Indeed. What a tragic demonstration of the folly of exalting intelligence, as we so often do. Intelligence without godliness is merely a tool for greater destruction.

  2. I just wrote a hymn that seems applicable to this situation. Psalm 59 was first written when David was in trouble, but the main application is to Jesus, since only He has no sin. I decided I wanted to sing this Psalm on behalf of the believers who are being so persecuted around the world. Like David, although they are not without sin, they suffer for just believing in Jesus, which is certainly NOT sin. Then I began to sing it on behalf of all babies in danger of being killed before they are born. What Dawkins says is another example of the lies told about them. Here is the hymn:


    Words and music by Mary Rose Jensen
    From Psalm 59 (! Samuel 19:11-17)
    To the chief musician,
    Set to “Do Not Destroy”
    A Michtam of David
    when Saul sent men
    And they watched his house
    in order to kill him.

    Deliver me, O God, and send protection from my enemies
    Come save me from bloodthirsty men and those who work iniquity.
    They lie in wait to take my life though I am innocent of sin.
    Arise to help me in my plight. I look to You for my defense.

    Almighty God of Israel, the wicked keep on cursing You.
    They snarl like beasts, they prowl and kill. Destroy them for the wrong they do.
    Lips full of lies and treachery give evidence that makes it clear
    That they conspire to murder me. For they have said, “No one will hear.”

    But You, O LORD, will scoff and laugh at nations that return to fight
    Against the fortress of Your wrath. Their words will trap them in their pride.
    Though they deserve swift punishment, and I would see them scattered now,
    Don’t slay them yet lest we forget that only You bring evil down.

    O LORD of Hosts, in my distress, You meet me and will let me see
    The triumph of Your righteousness, defeat of those who slander me.
    I sing to praise Your kindnesses rejoicing with the morning sun.
    You are my refuge and my strength. You show to me Your steadfast love.

    Words and music © 2014 Garden Rose Music
    P.O. Box 16040, Sugar Land, TX 77496 800-746-4476
    CCLI #

  3. Brian says:

    What a depraved mind resides within Dawkins. I have a down syndrome teenager in our church, daughter of one of our deacons. Our lives would have a great big void if she had been aborted instead of being born. She is such a ray of sunshine not just to her own family but to our church family as well. Oh, the indignation that is welling up inside! May he be awakened to the reality that there is a God and he WILL answer to Him one day, may he answer first in salvation before it’s eternally too late.

  4. Andrew says:

    I would deny he has a “brilliant mind” as Glenn does as the Bible does not support this viewpoint and says the opposite. He has a depraved and reprobate mind as God as made foolish the wisdom of the world and we can’t have any respect for wickedness in rebellion and still say he has a “brilliant mind” which the bible does not support.
    Even from a secular point of view, he has stayed from “science” into the realms of fallacious and illogical worldly philosophical assertion and psycho babble based upon no foundation, So even “science” can call him a fool from their own fallen standards (and does)
    He has no foundation or presupposition from any authority to even say what is moral or is not moral as a fundamental agenda driven atheist.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Hi, Andrew. Thanks for the comment. I took Glenn’s comment to refer to his undoubted mental capabilities, which are given by God, and not in any way to endorse the way he abuses them.

      You are absolutely correct that no Christian would ever say that the things his mind is producing are brilliant. But the problem is not with his God-given mental ability, which could have been used for great good, but with his unbelief and rebellion. I’m sure Glenn would wholeheartedly endorse your description of Dawkins as a fool — I certainly do. But he is not a fool as the world defines it, one who has limited mental abilities, but a fool as God defines it, one who rebels against God and suppresses the truth.

    • Jon is correct. I stated Dawkins has a brilliant mind because of his intellectual capacities. But the man is only demonstrating his foolish ideology rather than sticking to what he know.

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