“I Was Stealing from My Parents, Like, To Fund the Habit”

Drug addiction, as with other addictions, is a complex problem, with spiritual roots that make some believe that all a person needs to do to be free of drugs is to trust in Jesus, be saved, and just stop.  Layton Kelly knows from personal experience that more is almost always needed.

There are physical and mental aspects that last even after a person comes off the drugs.  Life-controlling problems like these almost always need a change of environment, a change of thinking, new daily habits, a character rebuilt.  People who fight these battles need someone to come along beside them, walk with them, help them to rebuild the things that have been torn down by the addiction and the behaviours that usually accompany it.

The church that sponsors Layton’s ministry, and his pastor, David O’Gorman, have a very good reputation, and so when Layton contacted me some years ago to ask if he could come tell our church of his ministry, I agreed.  He has only been able to be here twice, but we’ve been grateful to be able to have a part in his ministry and New Hope Residential Centre.

I appreciate what Pastor O’Gorman had to say in the video below:  “But I think that all of us, as believers, need to understand the responsibility we have to meet the needs of people who, through their sin, have lives that are broken.  We know the Lord Jesus has compassion on them, and I think we need to do all that we can do to help them.”

There is a need here, and if any of my readers believe the Lord would have you help with this need, you can contact the church to see how you can help:

Lifegate Bible Baptist Church
2&3 Main Road, Tallaght
Dublin 24
Phone: 01-4515574
Email: info@lifegate.org


About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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