Free Baptist Church Services Suspended

I’ve written this to our church family but thought parts of it might be useful to others.

The Scottish government’s current advice isn’t entirely clear for us in this matter.  But, at-risk people (those over 70 and with conditions) are being told not to meet with family for Sunday dinner.  Most other churches in Scotland (in fact, in the UK) are cancelling all their services.  I believe the risk as of today/tomorrow is very low (there are still only 7 reported cases in Fife) but I do not want our church to be the one that spreads it.  It is too dangerous to those who are at risk.  Therefore, I believe we need to cancel the ladies lunch tomorrow and all services until further notice.

The Scripture says in Romans 12:17, “Provide things honest in the sight of all men.”  We want to not only do that which is right, but that which is seen by the world (“in the sight of all men”) to be right.  Even if I believed the risk was nil, I do not want the world around us to see us as people who are not concerned about spreading illness through the community.  They should see us as those who love their neighbours, not those who are careless.

We know we are in the Lord’s hand.  We know where we are going, and that there is no need for us to fear.  Many of those around us do not have that confidence, many are afraid, and it would be uncharitable to them to add to their fears.

In the interim, we will use video meetings.  More on this soon.

I would encourage you to be in touch with your neighbours.  You may have elderly neighbours who can’t get out.  Maybe you can run to the shop for them if they need something.  You may have neighbours who fall ill and are unable to walk their dog, and you could do that for them.  You may have neighbours who have no needs at all but would just be relieved to know there is someone they could call if necessary.

You can help your neighbours without taking any significant risk.  If you go to their door stand well back while they answer it.  It may be best just to put a note through their door with your phone number.  But recognise that you have an opportunity to show them real Christian love.

In Him

Pastor Jon

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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