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Drug Abuse and the Christian

This blog has been dormant for a while.  I hope to “wake it up” soon (and I see a backlog of comments that need to go through moderation).  This article is not a “waking up”, really. I wrote the following, … Continue reading

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Wee Followers of Christ and the Wee Frees

May the Lord always keep us wee in our own eyes, whatever others may think of us. That’s the only way we’ll ever begin to be worthy of being called Wee Christs. Continue reading

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Police — “No Relation to Us”

It is an opportunity to tell people that not everyone who claims to be a Christian, not everyone who was born in a “Christian” country, is really a Christian. It is an opportunity to talk about real Christianity, not the fake “cultural” kind that has nothing to do with the righteousness and grace of God. Continue reading

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