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Worship, Dancing, and Psalm 149

If this Psalm is about what we do at church, we’ll need to make some changes! Beds, weapons, executions, chains, WOW! Better than the movies! Continue reading

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His Word Will not Return Void — When Copies Differ (2)

A true church is a Scripture-distributing machine. It teaches and spreads the Scriptures, and teaches others to teach and spread the Word. Continue reading

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In Memory of McCheyne?

In the news today, the McCheyne Memorial Church, built in memory of Robert Murray McCheyne, one of the most godly pastors Dundee (or for that matter, Scotland) has ever seen, will be turned into a holiday home for its London owner, a place to go for … Continue reading

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How Often do You Miss Church?

When I give a link, if WordPress gives me accurate statistics, far less than half of my readers click on it.  If you regularly attend church, and don’t miss for anything that wouldn’t, for example, keep you away from work, you … Continue reading

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Handel’s Drums

God is creating a masterpiece “as it pleases Him”, and for that to happen, everyone needs to be there for the Hallelujah Chorus, to join in proclaiming, “Worthy is the Lamb,” and to add our Amen in the great final anthem. Continue reading

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