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Wiio’s Laws and the Word of the Lord

Osmo Antero Wiio was an economist and member of the Finnish Parliament, but he is best known for “Wiio’s Laws of Communication.”  In these, he laid down a rather humourous set of seven principles or laws (with some additional sub-points) … Continue reading

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Why I’m not “King James Only” Even Though I Use the KJV

I’ve been having trouble keeping up with the Internet lately.  Someone is always writing something on the Internet — have you noticed? Between work and ministry piling up, as well as a recent overseas trip, I haven’t written much, let … Continue reading

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Bible Reading

Do those things have so much more value than God’s Word that you can always fit them in but never fit the Bible in? Continue reading

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Bible Translation — Anchored Authority

The two most important passages on the origin and authority of our Scriptures were written to those using translated Scriptures and thus had to have translations in view, and they made no direct reference to the original languages in affirming that authority, nor did they place any explicit limits on that authority. Continue reading

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YOUR Canon of Scripture

YOUR canon of Scripture is different. Yours is the part you read, study, believe, and obey. Continue reading

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The Canon of Scripture

Church councils could, at their very best (and they weren’t always at their best), only reflect what God’s people already knew — these twenty-seven books, Matthew through Revelation, were given by God through the apostles and are His inspired Word. Continue reading

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The Meaning of Theopneustos

Paul was describing a spiritual vitality, living and life-giving, which is not at all limited to the original autographs but exists even in accurate translations. Continue reading

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