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The Verse That Divides

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

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Catechism For the Christian View of Mathematics

In my last post (Mr Z and the Christian View of Mathematics), I told how my high school maths teacher, Mr Larry Zimmerman, taught us to see mathematics as it is, one of the ways God revealed different attributes of … Continue reading

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Mr Z and the Christian View of Mathematics

My maths teacher (“math teacher” for those across the pond 🙂 ), Larry Zimmerman, passed on to glory recently. The best teachers seem to have this wonderful ability to make you fear them and love them at the same time. … Continue reading

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When God Starts Something….

On Wednesday in our Bible study, we were looking at the Biblical teaching of Creation, and found our way to Psalm 96.  I expanded briefly on one aspect of the topic of Creation and used that as a jumping off … Continue reading

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An Evolutionary Problem — Which Evolved First?

Seen on a sign at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh: Plants and Pollinators.  One can’t live without the other. So which evolved first?

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The Foundation of Evolutionary Theory

God is the foundation of evolutionary theory.  The theory is so incredible that no one would ever believe this stuff if there weren’t a God to be rejected and denied.

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I wanted to post this when I saw it in the news yesterday.  I dared not, because I’d have probably been blamed for any delay :).  But now baby has safely arrived!  Praise the Lord, both he and his mum are fine!  … Continue reading

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