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Provoke Anyone Lately?

I apologise to my regular readers for the recent blog silence.  A combination of particularly heavy work demands and a really bad cold that just hasn’t wanted to stop have usurped my blogging time and energy. But I wanted to … Continue reading

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Letter to a Shipwrecked Christian

All is never over in the service of the Lord. Don’t stay shipwrecked. You’re needed on board, and your Master expects you on board. The only thing worse than being shipwrecked is staying there. Continue reading

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A Proverb for Today — Proverbs 27:2

The Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible commentary kept it simple on this verse: “Avoid self-praise.” It certainly isn’t hard to understand this proverb, they nailed it with great precision, but perhaps we can find a little more of profit than that to say here, so I’ll toss in a few other thoughts. Continue reading

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A Proverb for Today — Proverbs 12:25

Speaking good to gladden the burdened heart Continue reading

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