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Hiding The Enemy

The evangelical “mainstream” — so tolerant of doctrinal and behavioural aberration that even Mormons think they can fit in. Continue reading

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A Bizarre Snapshot of British Evangelicalism

99% want a church that faithfully teaches the Bible, but most aren’t getting that teaching, or they would know what it says. Continue reading

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Amazing: “Christians Concerned About Being Christlike”

That’s the title of an article in Christian Today: A survey of nearly 2,000 British evangelicals found that more than half (54%) are concerned that “becoming Christlike will increasingly alienate Christians from the culture around them”. No kidding.  This is … Continue reading

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Oxgoad Blog

Pastor Don Johnson has kindly posted something from me on his oxgoad blog.  I didn’t post it here because it deals with issues in broader evangelicalism that haven’t been a focus of my attention on this blog.  It isn’t perhaps … Continue reading

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