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Misusing Matthew 22:21: “Render Unto Caesar”

As so often, when you ask the Lord a question, the answer turns out to be a claim on your life. Continue reading

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What is Man, Anyway?

Psalm 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? This post includes a few thoughts from / following on from an interesting conversation on Sunday.

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Less Than 100 Days

The legal system’s message to each parent? “Your child’s life is worth 99.6 days of prison.” And some people say it is Breivik who is insane….

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Le Tour — The Image of God Made an Appearance

Check out the video in this report from the Tour de France.  A car driver reportedly ignored instructions from race authorities, and he hit Juan Antonio Flecha and knocked him over into the path of the Dutch rider, Johnny Hoogerland.  The next we see, Hoogerland is turning … Continue reading

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