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Good Intentions — How Far Do They Take Us?

Good intentions? They matter, because they allow us to pray, “The good Lord pardon every one that prepareth his heart to seek God….” Continue reading

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How Often do You Miss Church?

When I give a link, if WordPress gives me accurate statistics, far less than half of my readers click on it.  If you regularly attend church, and don’t miss for anything that wouldn’t, for example, keep you away from work, you … Continue reading

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Shall We Clap?

When we worship together, if someone sings, preaches, gives, reads, or whatever, they do so unto the Lord. We would do best to avoid communicating that we in any way think we have the right to give approval for what they have done. If what they have done is done rightly, it isn’t done for us at all. Assenting to the truths they proclaim, yes, that is certainly our role. But we are NOT the audience. God is, and approval of their service belongs to Him alone.
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Gluten-Free Music — When Standards Clash

This post isn’t really about music, it is about love. If love is our guide, it will kill the so-called “worship wars” that many churches suffer. We can’t feed “spiritual gluten” to those who will be made ill by it, and if pastors and worship leaders push music on those who believe that music to be sin, they are themselves sinning, no matter who is right and who is wrong about the music in question.

“If we let love be our guide, all will be safe.”
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Rightly Dividing — “Service” in Romans 12:1

A week ago, I started a new sermon series.  One of the most commonly preached verses in the Bible is Romans 12:1, which tells us to be “living sacrifices”.  This sermon series will be focused largely on the succeeding verses, … Continue reading

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