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Named Persons and Liam Fee

Those who raise their children in a good, godly, honest way should be able to do so peaceably, without interference from those “that are in authority.” Continue reading

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Pastoral Authority and Questions

If I do not do these things, I am not training people to lead, I am just training people to be loud. Continue reading

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“By What Authority?” — Jesus Answers the Question

Jesus was not pointing to John, He was pointing through John, to the source of John’s baptism, the source of his ministry, to the Father Himself. Continue reading

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Bible Translation — Anchored Authority

The two most important passages on the origin and authority of our Scriptures were written to those using translated Scriptures and thus had to have translations in view, and they made no direct reference to the original languages in affirming that authority, nor did they place any explicit limits on that authority. Continue reading

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Bible Translation — God-Approved

He is Creator, Lord, and Master of all things, including languages, and He is able to maintain the power of His Word in any language. Continue reading

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Luke’s Early Chapters — Key Concepts

Usually, when I preach through a book, I tend to preach in some depth, verse by verse.  I’ve been known to spend an entire sermon on one verse.  (No one EVER accuses me of saying too little :)). My current … Continue reading

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So, What’s YOUR Dogma?

For the Bible-believing Christian, God’s Word is, well, God’s Word, and He will not share His glory with another. There is no authority except that which is drawn from the Bible. I’m dogmatic about it. Continue reading

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