“Breaking Free”

A couple of months ago, I wrote on Keeping Pure, and in that post I mentioned Covenant Eyes accountability software as a valuable tool for believers.  They picked up on my comments, and asked me to write a post for their “Breaking Free” blog, and it is up today:  Four Reasons Christian Companies Should Offer Accountability Software to Their Employees.  Those four reasons actually apply to any Christian man, and I would encourage you to read and consider what I’ve said.

Yet, this is especially relevant if you are a Christian and own or operate a company.  This is something that could not only bless your employees but also be a wise investment.  It is hard to see why churches and other Christian organisations wouldn’t do this for their employees.  Internet pornography and other Internet addictions are a horrible scourge in today’s society, they have invaded the church on many occasions, and this is one simple way we can fight back.  I ask you to prayerfully consider it.  It is not expensive.

Edit / Update:  For organisations, Covenant Eyes has a special service.  Go here.

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Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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4 Responses to “Breaking Free”

  1. Patrick Heeney says:

    Good thoughts bro Jon. Only bone I would pick, is it isn’t just “any Christian man.” Over and over again you hear men are the ones stimulated by sight. As if because men do seem to have a greater degree of stimulation, women have NONE. There are multitudes of women in the same boat. The “lust of the eyes” is universal to the fallen human condition. To say emphatically (like many do…but you have not) That women are NOT stimulated by sight, but only by touch, is as ridiculous as saying men are NOT stimulated by touch, only by sight. Because of these “all or nothing” notions that are often preached, we leave our womenfolk unwarned, unprotected, and feeling like “freaks” when They recognize they have a problem. This is a danger to all. The women of this world “oogle” and “catcall” at what their eyes see and desire almost as much as the men, and this I see everyday. The WORLD desires us ALL to be consumed by the lust of the eye so that we may be destroyed by the lust of our flesh.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Well, Patrick, I suppose you are right. In general, this kind of temptation is a greater danger for men, but it isn’t as if there is no danger for women.

      In fact, Covenant Eyes has featured this aspect on their blog several times recently.

  2. Patrick Heeney says:

    Many moons ago at BJ, I had lunch with several gals, and during the discussion quite a few at the table noted it as a common problem, yet always overlooked due to their gender. Sometimes even derided as being “completely worldly” since “normal girls” don’t have problems with the lust of the eyes. As if they had to be trained that way. I find the scripture backs up the idea (as a general rule) that men are more visual oriented and women more towards touch, but think it foolish to take from that absolute rules for either…..Good to yield not, no matter the vehicle or form!

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Agreed. Psalm 45 talks about the King desiring the beauty of the bride. In a less happy case, David’s sin with Bathsheba began with visual temptation. There are many more. We don’t really see a lot of parallel passages in Scripture for women. Certainly, in the Song of Solomon the bride seems to be visually affected, but you see a lot of statements where it says some man looked at a woman and she was “fair to look on” or something like that — not so much with women.

      So I agree with your statement that Scripture backs up the general rule that men are more visually oriented, but that hardly constitutes an absolute in every case.

      I was interesting in your statement about “all or nothing” that is “often preached.” I don’t think I ever heard a sermon like that. I seem to have survived without it. 🙂

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