“Sin Makes Us Stupid”

I used those four words in my Covenant Eyes article to which I linked yesterday.  One of my co-workers, Bobby Baucom, wrote the following in response:

It reminds me of the time I served on a grand jury. We got to see a bunch of cases during a 2 week period. I came away with the conclusion that criminals were either stupid and that’s why they choose a life of crime or that living a life of crime makes them stupid or, more likely, both.

They walk into a store to [pick your choice – use a stolen credit or debit card, shoplift, or holdup the checker] and the first thing they do is, with unmasked face, look directly at the camera. Say “cheese”. They use an ATM with stolen credentials and look straight into the camera as if to analyze what that round lens might be. Do they think to hold their hand in front of their face? No. Not one single time.

I saw dozens of video clips and every single time, the criminal was STUPID. They crawl through things no sane person would crawl through and do things that make no sense for even a criminal to do.

Jon puts it succinctly, “Sin makes us stupid.” And to some degree that’s true of every sin, not just sins that are considered criminal by the law of the land.

Just something to think about:  how often in your life has a single sin led to various kinds of stupidity?

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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