“Pa” Ingalls, Asking the Hard Question

Then laying down his paper he looked at Laura and said slowly, “It is time for you to explain what you said to anyone, that you could give Miss Wilder the idea you thought you could run the school because I am on the board.”

“I didn’t say such a thing, and I did not think so, Pa,” Laura said earnestly.

“I know you didn’t,” said Pa.  “But there was something that gave her such an idea.  Think what it could have been.”

Laura tried to think.  She was not prepared for this question, for she had been defending herself in her mind and declaring that Miss Wilder had told a lie.  She had not looked for the reason why Miss Wilder told it.

– Little Town on the Prairie

When someone says something about you that isn’t true, perhaps:

  • Your actions led them to think that.
  • Your words led them to think it.
  • Your words or actions led someone they trust to think it.
  • You wrongly tempted them to anger and that has led to the lie.
  • You wrongly tempted someone they trust to angrily lie against you.

The Toughest Questions When we are Sinned Against:

How did I contribute to this mess?

How did I (through sin, incaution, or both) tempt someone to sin?

What lesson is God teaching ME?

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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