“Daily Christianity”, Infinite Scroll, Boring Stuff

A boring blog “housekeeping” notice.  Topics:

  1. New Category, “Daily Christianity.”
  2. Problems with following on Facebook.
  3. Feedback on “infinite scrolling.”
  4. Coming re-post.
  5. Brief note to bloggers.

New Category, Daily Christianity

I broke out a new category of posts on the Christian’s practical daily life.  You can click on “Daily Christianity” in the Category Cloud to the right.  “A Proverb for Today” is still a separate category, but its posts are also included in “Daily Christianity.”

Following the Blog / Facebook

If you “Like” Mind Renewers on Facebook, post notifications may stop hitting your news feed.  I’m told the only way to ensure continued notifications is to occasionally “Like” a post, comment on the Facebook page, or link to it on your own profile.

Alternatives if you don’t want to do those things:

  • Email notification.  Click “Sign Me Up” on the sidebar.
  • WordPress users — “follow” in the WP blog reader.
  • Use a reader like Google Reader.

Infinite Scrolling

WordPress added infinite scrolling.  I don’t have it turned on, but I’d like feedback.

At the bottom of my home page, you can click “Older Posts,” and see prior posts.  With “infinite scrolling,” if you go to the bottom, the next seven posts automatically load.  Example: http://defendingcontending.com, scroll down.

Problem:  this may make the blog too slow for some readers.  If you have poor / slow Internet, please check if that blog is too slow / hard to use.  If even one person says it is bad, it stays off.  Please let me know, in a comment here, through my Contact page, smoke signals, Pony Express…. 🙂


A WordPress expert says my Meaning of Theopneustos and Warfield’s Redefinition of Inspiration shouldn’t be on static pages.  She said material like this should be easy to find if someone is searching for it, and search engines prefer front page articles, so I should repost it in front page articles.  I’ll do that soon, with apologies for afflicting you with re-posts.

Brief Note to Other Bloggers

If you want me to look at your blog, use Contact.  I promise, I’ll look.  Comments that are blatant attempts to get me (or my readers) to look at your blog disappear into never-never land.  The purpose of comments is to actually talk about the post. 🙂  Also, if you use Zemanta to show related links but don’t interact with my content, your pingback is spam.  Never-never land.  Sorry.

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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