How Good Will Heaven Be, Anyway?

We were talking about this at Bible study last night.  God told us some things, but not a great deal, about what Heaven will be like.

Heaven will be better than you can possibly imagine,
because God is better than you are at imagining good things.

Whatever you can think of that would make Heaven good,
God will make it better than that.


I was thinking about it further last night.  I imagined myself walking into the Throne Room of Heaven one day, and God saying, “Here’s what I have planned today.  Jon is going to tell us all the ideas he used to have about what Heaven would be like.”

I wouldn’t be embarrassed about those silly ideas, because in Heaven no one will be embarrassed — embarrassment is me-focused (in the final analysis, it is pride) and in Heaven we’ll be God-focused.  I would be laughing about those silly ideas, and praising God for how much better He has made it, but I wouldn’t be laughing too hard to tell those silly ideas, because no one in Heaven could laugh too hard to do what God tells them to do.  And then, He’d have you tell your silly ideas, too.

And so we would all be laughing and rejoicing at how glorious God was and how marvellous He had made Heaven to be, and how silly you and I were to be thinking we knew what would make Heaven to be really good, and how much wiser and better and more imaginative and more glorious in every way our God is.

I think that would be a great way to spend one of the “days” of eternity.  But that isn’t likely to happen — because that’s one of my ideas, and God’s ideas for Heaven are better than mine.


Maybe if my ideas about Heaven aren’t as good as God’s, I should consider that my ideas about life on this earth aren’t so great, either.  Maybe God knows a little bit more than I do about me and my life here.

Maybe His ideas are better than mine.

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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2 Responses to How Good Will Heaven Be, Anyway?

  1. Ebony jones says:

    I know what you were thinking you can have a near death experience in heaven,many people are always having that when they came back to life they were so happy they didn’t want to go back on earth,seriously I would never leave a place with so much joy where I can be with god.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Hi, Ebony. Thanks for the comment!

      The Bible doesn’t tell us that people go to Heaven when they have a near death experience. And some things people describe just don’t fit with what the Bible says. I’m sure these people are experiencing something, though. It is hard to believe they would all be making it all up. But I don’t think we should accept it is Heaven. If people think Heaven is going to be exactly like what they are describing, that is probably not good. But if it makes people think about the fact that there is a Heaven and they need to know God and be sure they are going there, that is a very good thing.

      But anyway, your main point is absolutely right. It will be so wonderful to be with the Lord. The Apostle Paul wrote that when Christians die they will be with the Lord, which is “far better.” The Bible talks about no more tears, no more sorrow, no more pain. Sounds good to me!

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