Intentional Sin is Costly

When you intentionally do what you know to be sin, you can get in a lot more trouble than you thought.  It doesn’t matter whether you know you are breaking the law or not, if you know you are sinning and you go ahead and do it.  Don’t expect sympathy for not knowing the law when you know you are sinning.

At least he admitted to what he had done, and admitted it was sin.  Whether that was because he is truly repentant, or because he simply got caught and recognises he can’t dodge it, is something for the One with  more omniscience than me to sort out.  But sadly, some so-called pastors, even when the evidence is incontrovertible will still deny what they’ve done.  Whether out of true repentance or bad motives, honestly admitting the sin is better than lying about it.

We can sit around and point our fingers at this man and say things about those who do such things, or we can actually take something profitable for ourselves from it.  As I said before, “How often in your life has a single sin led to various kinds of stupidity?”

Just don’t sin.  There is nothing more destructive.  It will always take you further than you intended.  You can either serve God or serve sin.  Don’t serve sin, just don’t do it.

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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