When Compassion isn’t Compassionate

‘Traumatic Wounds’ for Families of Victims

“Compassion” at the expense of others is not compassion, and is not justice.

When God showed compassion on us in our great need, His compassion did not consist of lessening the penalty, but of making sure that He Himself was the One who took the penalty. True compassion never violates justice.

If I steal your money and give it to someone else in the name of compassion, I’m not being compassionate, I’m being a thief.  It is you, not I, that will pay the price for my decision.  If I set free a person who attacked you, or killed your loved one, I’m not being compassionate.  It is you, not I, that has to pay the price for my decision.

The “justices” who have decided this matter have abandoned the principle of equal protection under the law.  It’s really quite simple.  Those who are killed by a sixteen / seventeen-year-old murderer have less protection than those who are killed by a legal adult.  They have exercised compassion for the killer at the expense of compassion for the victims.

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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