You can Usually Tell….

From NBC News:  “Weak Jobs Growth Beyond Government’s Control.”

A Romney-supporter would not write this article.  An Obama supporter would not have written this article four years ago.  The person who writes this article is generally the person who is supporting an incumbent who has failed to keep his promises about jobs.

Much of what the article says is true.  There are forces beyond government’s control that are hindering economic progress.  However, the article gives no attention to governmental actions that also hinder economic progress.  It is a wonderful example of selective reporting.

This is not a post about American politics.  This is a post about being aware of how “news” sources (and others) will try to influence to think a certain way on morality, Biblical truth, etc.  We do well to limit their influence by asking ourselves, “What is the rest of the story that they are leaving out?  Is there a motive for this ‘news’ story?  Why are they choosing to highlight this particular thing and deciding that it is newsworthy?”

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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