Summary of Posts on Homosexuality

I’ve done a series of posts triggered by a recent Church of Scotland decision on ordaining homosexuals, but I’m now probably done with writing on the topic of homosexuality for a good long time.  This is a listing with excerpts of my recent posts on the topic (and a few other older posts) as an easy reference to the material for those who want it, and for the sidebar menu.

To My Homosexual Readers

This is more important than any discussion of whether or not the Bible condemns homosexual behaviour.  It really applies to all, not just homosexual readers.

If we “updated” the Bible like some people suggest, and eliminated every verse about homosexuality, you’d be the same as “straight” people — one of those “all” who need to repent.  If we leave the Bible as it is, you are still one of those “all” who need to repent. Changing the Bible wouldn’t change that.

Note to Parents — introductory note advising parents whose children read the blog that a mature subject would be under discussion.

Marital Intimacy — Why God Gave it

Why I Say “Marital Intimacy” — words matter:

We live in a society that has perverted God’s gift of intimacy in many ways. The world’s terminology brings with it a mindset, a way of thinking, which the world has loaded onto that terminology. When we use the world’s language, we run the risk, even subliminally, of adopting fragments of the world’s perverse thinking.

The Purposes of Marital Intimacy — Some Biblical reasons for God’s gift of intimacy:

When we understand the purposes for which God has given marital intimacy, we see that the world’s counterfeits fall short in multiple ways. Lord willing, I’ll address that later, but I wanted this post to be more about what God has given than about what He forbids.

Psalm 45, “Greatly Desire Thy Beauty,” and Marital Intimacy — One reason God made intimacy so pleasurable — not to over-emphasise pleasure, but to teach us of His love:

God did not have to make these human feelings so strong, nor did He do so accidentally. It was part of His plan, for a purpose — it teaches us of His love. By telling us this is a picture of His love, and then giving such a strong desire for, and such pleasure in, temporal marital intimacy, He gives a glimpse of how much He wants and delights in eternal spiritual union and fellowship with His people.

Proverbs 5:19, “Ravished Always,” and Marital Intimacy — an interesting play on words shows that one of God’s purposes for pleasure in intimacy is to unite spouses.

In a pleasure-exalting society, too many preachers / teachers fall into the trap of speaking as if pleasure is the purpose, in and of itself, of marital intimacy. They emphasise the pleasure taught in the passage while failing to convey its purpose.

When we get the full picture here, we see that Solomon is not instructing his son to enjoy pleasure for pleasure’s sake. He tells him that by doing so he binds himself to his wife.

Broad Overview of Homosexuality and the Bible

Homosexuality and the Purposes of Marital Intimacy — How does homosexuality compare to God’s stated purposes for intimacy?

I wanted to take a different approach initially, to look at what God intended for marital intimacy, and then compare it to homosexual behaviour. Is it real, or is it a counterfeit?

Homosexuality — What the Bible Clearly Says — A brief overview showing:

This is not merely an Old Testament prohibition, as some want to say, nor something that Paul alone condemned. It is the consistent message of Scripture from beginning to end.

Homosexuality and Romans 1

Romans 1 and Christian Errors on Homosexuality (part one) — Romans 1 is about rebellion against God.  It is an error for us to look at all the sins listed and say that it describes homosexuals.  Homosexual sin is only one of a broad range of symptoms of rebellion.

A person who commits homosexual sins is still made in the image of God, just like everyone else. That image has been marred, disfigured, by sin, just like every other person who sins. But God’s image is still present in every sinner. As a result, we will see good qualities in everyone. Those good qualities are damaged by sinful attitudes and motives, whatever a person’s sins and good qualities may be, but the remnants of God’s image will never be completely obscured in anyone.

Romans 1 and Christian Errors on Homosexuality (part two) — The Bible does not say that people choose to have homosexual desires, and in fact, it suggests that they probably did not make that specific choice.

This passage really tells of only one choice — to rebel against God, to not thank and glorify Him. Everything else came out of that choice. Was it a choice to become enslaved to homosexual lusts? It led to that, but the Bible does not tell us that they knew that was the choice they were making.

The person making the choice rarely sees the road ahead. Satan doesn’t put up a signpost saying, “This way leads to slavery to all kinds of horrible sins.” The person knows he is not following God, but probably very few really understand that this path leads to being controlled by, given over to, this kind of sin. Satan’s deceptions don’t come with user warnings.

Romans 1 and Christian Errors on Homosexuality (part three) — “Against nature” in Romans 1 is not talking about processes or animal activity independent of human action.

When inspired Scripture says homosexual sins are “against nature,” it is not talking about the animal world at all. These sins are contrary to the nature God has given those who commit them — their nature. He planned marital intimacy, and its pleasures, for specific purposes, and designed us physically, mentally, and emotionally to fit those purposes….

Romans 1 and Christian Errors on Homosexuality (part four) — When a homosexual person says, “I can’t help it” or “I can’t quit,” Romans 1 provides evidence that he may actually be telling the truth.

The alcoholic always thinks of drink, the drug addict of the drug, and the homosexual of his homosexual sin. The alcoholic, no longer just a person who gets drunk, is a drunkard — it takes control. The homosexual is no longer just a person who commits homosexual sin, he is a homosexual. It takes control, and those who define themselves by their sin may speak more truly than they know.

Romans 1:32 and Homosexuality — Two main points:  1. Society’s active advocacy of homosexuality (and other kinds of sin and immorality) is no surprise — Scripture told us to expect it.  2. We do not have to debate whether or not homosexual behaviour is sin.

We don’t need to argue the morality of homosexual behaviour. Those who commit this sin are reproved by the Spirit. We can speak of God’s provision of righteousness, asking that the same Spirit convict them of the truth of that wonderful message.

Other Related Posts

Biased Bureaucrats, Censored Christians, and Hurting Homosexuals — homosexuals are hungering for acceptance, but looking for it in the wrong places.

The thing that is driving the political agenda, the motivation behind attempts to silence anyone who disagrees, is a real need. And it is REAL.

Homosexuals NEED acceptance

…but they do not need exoneration.

Homosexuals do not need to be mocked, criticised, or called names. They need the Gospel. They need love, real love, the love of Christ who died for them. They don’t need a silly ‘I’m ok, you’re ok’ exonerating kind of ‘love’ that says that it doesn’t matter what you do.

Homosexual Rights and Reorientation Therapy — Sometimes the activists are very revealing in the things they oppose.  Their agenda isn’t about “rights” at all, it is about validation.

The validation agenda needs homosexuality to be a terminal condition. It has to be as unchangeable as skin colour, as immutable as genetic makeup, as inexorable as old age, carrying on relentlessly until death.

Calling it Right — A challenge from a former member of the homosexual community for Christians to refocus our message to be sure we are communicating the hope of the Gospel to those bound in sin.

As I share with you the very dark side of this abomination to a Holy God, I would also ask that we all keep in mind homosexuals are sinners, like everyone else, who desperately need to hear of their sin and of the Savior. There is hope for them, just as there is hope for all who are in bondage to sin. I have seen more of a militant style attack on homosexuals than that of showing the love of Christ and His cross.

The Death of Freedom — The homosexual validation agenda pushes on towards its limit, attempting to legally force people to serve their political campaigns.

When you decide any members have society have lost the right to freedom of thought and of speech, when you decide which side they must take on a political question, you lay the groundwork for dictatorship and oppression.

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6 Responses to Summary of Posts on Homosexuality

  1. Clare Flourish says:

    Well, I am glad you will stop telling stupid, useless lies about gays here. Roll on the Equal Marriage Bill: England has it, and Scotland will not be far behind.

    God forgive you.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Hello, Clare. I don’t much doubt you are right about what Scotland’s politicians will do. Fortunately, the Christian faith has never been in lockstep with politicians.

      Did you read the top link, To My Homosexual Readers? Just wondering.

      I removed your link because there is nudity part way down the front page and there are children who read here. I know it is just a painting such as might be seen in any art museum, but some parents would rather their children not see it.

      • Clare Flourish says:

        That post adds nothing.

        I was interested in your word “cowards”, though. You really don’t understand, and so you make up wickednesses which could explain what you do not understand.

        God help you.

      • Jon Gleason says:

        That post adds everything, for those who believe the Bible. Your response to it makes it clear you don’t believe the Bible, so there will not be common ground.

        I’m sure you will probably continue to win political battles, and court cases against Christians, but it won’t bring lasting happiness anymore than your previous political and legal “victories” have done. And you’ll still have to stand before God.

  2. Jon,
    Thanks for the excellent, honest and factual series. I have saved every link as it was posted, so I can have them for future reference.

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