Jesus is Jehovah — Summary

This is a summary (for the sidebar menu) of a series of posts (with an extra that wasn’t in the series) showing that even the New World “Translation” (NWT) the mis-translation of the “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” teaches that Jesus is Jehovah.

Is Jesus Jehovah?  Ask the New World “Translation”

Part One — This discusses the problem in speaking to “Jehovah’s Witnesses” of the Lord, due to their reliance on a dishonest translation, and the benefit of using their own version to show that Jesus is Jehovah.  It compares the NWT of John 10 and Psalm 23, and “Jehovah’s Witnesses” are asked, “Who is your Shepherd?”

Part Two — This compares the NWT in Psalm 110, verses one and five, and asks those who call themselves “Jehovah’s Witnesses” (but do not testify to the true Jehovah), “Who is at the right hand in Heaven?”

Part Three — This post uses the NWT in Matthew 28:19 to show that the Father, the Son, and the Spirit all share the same name — and the Scriptures tell us that the Father’s name is Jehovah, so that must also be the name of Jesus.  The questions:  “Were you baptised in one name, or in three names?  Why does your own translation say that the Name of the Father is also the Name of the Son and the Holy Spirit?”

Part Four — Comparing John 1 and other passages with Isaiah 44:24.  The questions:  “If Jesus created, if Jehovah told the truth that He is the only Creator, if He did it by Himself, why do your teachers tell you Jesus is not Jehovah? Will you believe Jehovah, or will you believe your teachers?”

The Sheep of His Hand Hear His Voice — This was not part of the “Ask the New World Translation” series, but it could have been.  It notes the clear reference to Psalm 95 which Jesus made in John 10:27-29.  Psalm 95 tells us Jehovah’s sheep are the sheep of His hand, and hear His voice.  Jesus said in John 10 that the sheep are in His hand and hear His voice.  A compelling claim to deity — and it is there in the NWT, too.

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2 Responses to Jesus is Jehovah — Summary

  1. jlue says:

    Thank you John for refuting the false doctrine of these heretics. Please help me pray that the stronghold Satan has in the lives of the members and would be members will be pulled down.

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