“I’m Four Now”

Parenting is an adventure!  A couple in our church told us last week that their son had suddenly become very rebellious.  He wouldn’t do as told and had a very bad attitude.  Finally, they asked him, “Why are you not obeying?”

His answer?  “I’m four now, so I don’t have to obey.”  Simple!  Why didn’t his parents understand? 🙂 They explained that God does expect you to obey even when you are four (and older).  Problem solved!  Their (usually 😉 ) obedient sweet-natured boy returned.

We laugh at a four-year-old deciding he need not obey his parents.  The gap is so great, in knowledge and wisdom, in character development, in patience, in so many ways.  Where did he get the idea that being four years old meant he didn’t have to obey anymore?  He was marring his relationship with his parents and making himself miserable….


The gap between us and God is even greater than the gap between a four-year-old and his parents — in knowledge and wisdom, in character, in patience, in so many ways.  Where do we get the idea that we ever reach a point that we don’t have to obey God anymore?  We mar our relationship with our Father and make ourselves miserable….

About Jon Gleason

Former Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Glenrothes
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