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Doing the Do’s

You can’t love Jesus without “do-ing” and “don’t-ing.”  It is a demonstration of love when we do the do’s and don’t the don’ts. – Pastor Sandy Edgar If ye love me, keep my commandments. – Jesus, John 14:15

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Echoing Down the Ages

Two thousand years ago, the Lord Jesus Christ asked a question.  Few were prepared to answer it then, and few want to answer it today — but still, it echoes down the ages, slicing through human hypocrisy today, just as … Continue reading

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“I’m Four Now”

Parenting is an adventure!  A couple in our church told us last week that their son had suddenly become very rebellious.  He wouldn’t do as told and had a very bad attitude.  Finally, they asked him, “Why are you not … Continue reading

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Repost — Eight More Thoughts on Joseph

This is the third (and last) repost of the three articles I wrote on Joseph two years ago.  Original article.  (I am still struggling with some health problems, so may not post much in the next week or so.)

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“On His Blindness”

God is not done with us here until He is done, and then He takes us Home to serve Him there. Continue reading

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Matthew 21:28-32 — The Parable of the Two Sons

What parent hasn’t said, “I don’t want you to SAY you will obey, I want you to do it!”  Fathers who know this parable love to use it to teach the meaning of true obedience.  But as we look at … Continue reading

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Eight More Thoughts on Joseph

6.Joseph must have wondered just how many “loud-mouths” there were going to be when the wise men started talk all over Jerusalem about his family (Matthew 2:1-3). Yet, these “loud-mouths” served at least three purposes. Continue reading

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