‘Tis the Season….

…for people to tell others they should or shouldn’t celebrate Christmas.  So I’ll restate — the Bible does not tell us to celebrate Christmas, but does give sound Biblical basis for us to do so if we wish.  In the articles linked below, I’ve answered the most common objections and given some cautions about the way we celebrate.

I’ll also give links to some other articles I’ve written related to the birth of Christ.

On the sidebar, there is a link to “Christmas and Christians.”  It’s a summary page with links to different articles I’ve written on the question.  But I’ll reproduce the links here as well.

Answering the argument that we shouldn’t celebrate because the name is “Christ-Mass”.  Silly Reasons to Abandon Christmas #1 — “Christ-Mass” — The error of doctrine by etymology violates the sufficiency of Scripture.

Related:  Puritans, Huguenots, “Christ-Mass,” and “Immanuel’s Day” — how believers from different nations viewed Christmas.

Answering the argument that this is a pagan / Roman Catholic holiday.  Flawed Reasons to Abandon Christmas #2 — “It is Pagan / Catholic” — Refuting two unbiblical doctrines, doctrine by speculative history, and discernment by origins.

Answering the “God Didn’t Command it” argument.  Misused Reasons to Abandon Christmas #3 — “God Didn’t Command It” — The principle is correct , but misapplied in this case.

Related: Happy Feast of Purim!

Answering the “It’s the Wrong Date” argument.  Silly Reasons to Abandon Christmas #4 — “It’s the Wrong Date” — it might even be the right date (!!) but it doesn’t matter.

Solid Reasons to Scrutinise Christmas — Some solid Biblical reasons to examine how we celebrate Christmas, reasons which might cause some to consider whether they should even celebrate at all.

Related:  The Slavery of Christmas Spending
Also: Thought for the Holidays….

Some other articles relevant to the birth of Christ or this time of year.

The Genealogies of Christ — This is also linked on the sidebar of the blog, a summary with links to a series of articles on some questions related to the human lineage of our Lord, including a discussion of Zerubbabel’s ancestry and “Jeconiah’s Curse.”

Ten Things We Have As a Result of Christ’s Humanity — from Hebrews 2:9-18.
“Minded to Put Her Away Privily”
Another Quick Thought on Joseph
Eight More Thoughts on Joseph
Christmas Day for Dolly
Why the Name “Jesus” Matters So Much — God With Us

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6 Responses to ‘Tis the Season….

  1. 1996bmorgan says:

    Brother, thank you for taking the time to post these. Reasoned, charitable discussion is so important on matters such as this. There will be those unconvinced, but “let each be convinced (not to celebrate) in his own mind,” and remember it’s his/her personal position. Our progress of sanctification is not illustrated by our position on this matter. But how we treat others who might disagree with us may indeed be illustrative!😄

  2. mywordlikefire says:

    Reblogged this on My Word Like Fire and commented:
    This Mind Renewers article is a good one to keep for reference and research when the subject of Christmas comes up.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Thank you! I trust it will be profitable to your readers.

      • mywordlikefire says:

        Hi Jon. I took down my above comment because WordPress placed it in between Tis the Season… and …for people to tell others they should or shouldn’t celebrate Christmas, which interrupted the flow of the article.

        God bless you, and may your Christmas be a time of joy.

      • Jon Gleason says:

        No problem, I saw it on your site. Thank you, and may the peace of peace’s Prince fill your heart.

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