The “Ghost” of Christmas Articles Past

Based on what WordPress is telling me about what people are searching for, Christmas is still a hot topic, both the question as to whether or not we can/should celebrate Christmas, but also questions about Joseph and the genealogies of Christ.  I’ve written quite a bit on these topics and it has seemed to be helpful to a lot of people, so I thought I’d just link a bunch of it together if you are looking for that kind of material.

Re: celebrating Christmas, and as a reminder:

  1. The Bible does not tell us to celebrate Christmas.
  2. The Bible does not tell us, either in command or principle, not to celebrate Christmas.
  3. If you can’t celebrate Christmas with a clear conscience, you shouldn’t.
  4. Christians should be charitable to those who have other views than our on on this, including NOT pressuring people to celebrate Christmas who don’t think they should.

All of this is discussed at some length in articles linked from my Christians and Christmas page.  If you disagree with the above points, please do not comment on this post, go to the relevant post linked from that page.  Comments debating this topic will not clear moderation on this post, but they are welcome in the relevant articles.

An article on reasons some Christians may decide to skip Christmas, even if it isn’t forbidden by Scripture:  Solid Reasons to Scrutinise Christmas.  Along those lines, The Slavery of Christmas Spending, and Thought for the Holidays.

For those who are interested in articles I’ve written on Joseph, which a lot of people found helpful:

Minded to Put Her Away Privily

Another Quick Thought on Joseph

Eight More Thoughts on Joseph

I also did a series on the Genealogies of Christ, which a lot of people find interesting at this time of year.

Just written a couple days ago, The Hope of a Child.  Details the theme in Old Testament prophecy of a Child to come, the New Testament fulfilment, and the innate testimony, in the hearts of humanity, to that hope.

A better-than-average Christmas gift for a daughter of a Christian:  Christmas Day for Dolly.

Finally, this article had its origins in a very popular article about why the name “Jesus” is used as profanity.  This one doesn’t get anywhere near the attention of its predecessor, but it is timely for those of us who choose to remember His birth at this time of year: Why the Name “Jesus” Matters So Much — God With Us.


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