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The Lamb in Revelation

Some thoughts from last Sunday evening, for those who weren’t there. The name “Jesus” with His title “Christ” occurs exactly seven times in the Book of Revelation.  Five of those seven are in the first chapter.  The last is in … Continue reading

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Entering the Modern Age!

Free Baptist Church now has a Facebook Page (, a Twitter Page (@GlenFreeBaptist), and (Lord-willing) an active-again pastor’s blog. I even use PowerPoint in my sermons now.  Old dogs can learn new tricks!  Anyway, we’ve decided we need to increase … Continue reading

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Churchill’s Forlorn Hope — No Peace in Our Time

I composed most of this blog post on Friday, before the terrible atrocities in Paris.  It seems even more, as our hearts are again torn by tragedy, that now is the time to post it, to understand why peace always … Continue reading

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“In Memory of the Great Titanic”

Jessie Gordon Allan’s poem is worth reading. In it, we see the Christian’s heart, as taught by our Lord. Continue reading

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“Only a Seed….”

I was looking for something on my desk.  This is a major undertaking.  I am a firm believer in the saying, “An uncluttered desk is a sign of an empty mind.” Well, that wasn’t true.  I don’t believe it at … Continue reading

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Scripture Testimonies — 25 January 2015

Explanation:  The last Sunday of the month, we have Scripture reading testimonies in our church — no comments, just reading Scripture that people have read in the last week or two.

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Growing Old Gratefully

One of the benefits of getting older is when your kids give you gifts like this:   Psalm 78:1-7 1 Give ear, O my people, to my law: incline your ears to the words of my mouth. 2 I will … Continue reading

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