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Jesus Christ, the Firstborn

As I’ve been working through all the comments that got stuck in moderation while the blog was silent, I’ve encountered more than one that referred to Colossians 1, where we see Jesus as ‘the firstborn.’  This passage is often misunderstood, … Continue reading

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The Causes of War

It is well always to talk about peace and to strive and suffer for peace; but it is better at the same time to understand the causes which lead to wars. – Winston Churchill, The World Crisis, volume four, “The … Continue reading

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Word Made Flesh — Fully God, Fully Man

This article continues my series based on my sermon on the incarnation of Christ — “The Word was Made Flesh.”

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“The Reason” for Everything

So, the next time someone tells you, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” you can say, “What do you mean? Jesus is the reason for EVERYTHING!” Continue reading

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The Meaning of “Only-Begotten”

“Only begotten” when attributed to Jesus means He is the “only One of the same Kind” as the Father. Continue reading

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The Genealogies of Christ — Two Genealogies

This is the first post summarising (with some additions) a discussion in the comments of an earlier post from two years ago (which I’ve just reposted).  The comments delved into some of the interesting features of the genealogies of Christ … Continue reading

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Repost — Eight More Thoughts on Joseph

This is the third (and last) repost of the three articles I wrote on Joseph two years ago.  Original article.  (I am still struggling with some health problems, so may not post much in the next week or so.)

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