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Letter to a Shipwrecked Christian

All is never over in the service of the Lord. Don’t stay shipwrecked. You’re needed on board, and your Master expects you on board. The only thing worse than being shipwrecked is staying there. Continue reading

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What Did Christ Do to My Sin?

What did Christ do to my sin? This sermon was NOT a traditional three-point sermon. It couldn’t be — there were too many things that Christ did to my sin for that to be possible. He did absolutely everything that needed to be done to set me free from it forever.
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Web Wanderings this Week

Two links today from News for Christians: 1. Mother Cares for Her Son’s Amish Victims.  For the victims, healing in forgiveness and not blaming the parents for the sin of the son.  For the hurting parent, healing in serving others.  Worth reading. … Continue reading

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God’s Heart Toward Sinners

If we claim to represent Christ, our message (whether by word or deed) must be consistent with our ambassadorial role. We must communicate A) the need for reconciliation with God, B) His provision for that, and C) His desire for it. Continue reading

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Before the Sun Sets

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An amazing thing happened in Glenrothes — we had beautiful weather.  Yesterday evening, we decided to go for a walk in the countryside (for those who know the area, we walked from Craigmead to John Knox’s Pulpit near West Lomond, about … Continue reading

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Le Tour — The Image of God Made an Appearance

Check out the video in this report from the Tour de France.  A car driver reportedly ignored instructions from race authorities, and he hit Juan Antonio Flecha and knocked him over into the path of the Dutch rider, Johnny Hoogerland.  The next we see, Hoogerland is turning … Continue reading

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