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Love Thy Neighbour (1)

Because it appears I’ll be doing a lot of hospital visits in the coming days, I’ll be “recycling” some things I’ve written in the past (though they haven’t hit this blog before).  I should manage some “new” posts, but certainly not every day, … Continue reading

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Inscribing the Arches (part three)

Conquer or be conquered. Overcome evil with good, or be overcome by evil. Will you win or will you lose?

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“They’re Just Bad”

This miniature philosopher looked at me, and said something that showed he had more discernment than most politicians, many theologians, lots of police officers, and probably about 99% of all social workers. “They’re just bad.”

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Three Overarching Instructions (part three)

Continuing my sermon summary on Romans 12:9.  Monday I posted part one, and Friday part two.  This post is the last one on this verse. Our text: Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is … Continue reading

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